A lived life

(Picture taken in old Stockholm this past September) This evening I went to a singing bowls class. But it was not only singing bowls that we listened to but an array of primal sounds that penetrated our bodies and invaded our souls…It was like going back in time, many lives back, to our primitive state. … Continue reading

The rainbow

(Picture taken on my way to Yoga on my bicycle a few weeks back)  When people ask me where I am from, it’s really complicated for me…”Well, I am originally from Romania, but I grew up in Argentina, but I really don’t feel Romanian because I lived there only 5 years, but I am not … Continue reading

Coming out of hibernation

I know, I know…I have been hibernating for the past 2 years…Not writing, not teaching, not giving Reiki (except to my family of course), it seemed at the beginning weird and unnatural. In Brussels, I had several chances to teach Yoga or meditation, but I decided no. Not the right time. I could feel it … Continue reading


For so many years my spirituality has been out there, big, glorious, extravagant at times. And as much as I feel this is true, my spirituality is also in here, inside my body, my breath, my every living cell. It is in the simple. It is in the now. It is in the mere act … Continue reading

Moving on

“If we fear change, we are blind to the mystery of life.” (Marc Nepo, Parabola Magazine, Fall 2015). When I started feeling at home in Memphis, the Universe is telling me: “Time to move on!”. I would have never thought that would be possible, not right now, when I am making life long connections through … Continue reading

“Alma Yoga”

I am a Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Director. I am “Alma Yoga”. For most of my life, I have been in the dark, not knowing at all who I was. I have followed a traditional path, studied, done a master degree, got married and had kids. Pretty standard, right? Just followed the … Continue reading

No more fears

For the longest time, I lived in fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of not pleasing people, fear of not being loved… All kinds of fears!! One day, I realized if I was going to follow that path, I would get really sick, both mentally and physically, since they go hand in hand. … Continue reading

The voice of the heart

As I was reading this weekend Mark Nepo “Book of Awakening”, I stumbled upon this paragraph… “This holds a powerful lesson: Time and time again, the head must be brought beneath the heart or the ego swells. If you do not bend, life will bend you. In this way, humility is accepting that your head … Continue reading


Sharing is healing, is moving forward, is putting the final touch to a cake that has been baked. Sharing is realizing our humanness, our connection to people, to the reality that we are all one and the same. We all feel the same feelings, we all share the same stories, we all live similar situations, … Continue reading

The courage to look within

Our outer life is very visible. We have a family, we go to basketball games, we cook dinner, and have time with friends. Our inner life is a different story…we feel sad, happy, hopeful, and resentful sometimes. The entire portfolio of emotions…The question is: do we have the courage to look at our inner life? … Continue reading