Self love

It’s been a long road of self discovery for me…redefining who I truly am, living from my truth, and embracing the totality of myself. And still, of course, there is so much work to be done. The other day, it was my birthday, I turned 48! It came to me with mixed feelings, realising that … Continue reading


What do we remember from our childhood? Most of us, like me, have some glimpses of memories, images, and thoughts, perhaps we remember vividly a situation that impacted us, but most of it, not much. However, our bodies, our senses, our unconscious remember everything! I went to Romania this summer and stayed at my dad’s … Continue reading

Light and darkness

(Full moon January 21 2019, picture taken at the Wassenaar beach) Yoga has been such a blessing for me, my light, but at the same time, it has been one of my biggest lessons in life, my darkness. When I started yoga back in 2000, my body was yearning to move and extend after long … Continue reading

The alien invasion

(This is me at 3 years old) When you think of an alien invasion (ha!ha!), how do you feel? what is your body telling you? what do your muscles do? how is your breath? how is your soul? Back in February I wrote a post about freedom where I talked about my fears. In this … Continue reading


Only when our hearts are full, we can forgive. Forgiveness does not happen in the mind, but in the body and the soul. Forgiveness is not something that the mind can create, it must be felt at the cellular level, deeply in our bodies. When our hearts are full of love, then, and only then, … Continue reading


Until very recently, I hated the word “power”. It felt aggressive, violent, judgmental, big ego, fearful and destructive. I never liked it, and I told myself, I never will…until last week… I was having a texting conversation with a good friend, and I told her that I preferred the word “inner strength” to “power”, and … Continue reading


(Picture taken at the beach near our house in Wassenaar) I believe the biggest roadblock to my happiness has been my fears…Fear has blocked me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Until recently… For most of my life, I lived in fear…growing up in a communist country, escaping Romania and living in a refugee camp, moving from … Continue reading

Purposeful work

Some people might think that life is about luck, and some people are lucky and other unlucky. To seem extent, I disagree with that. For the majority of us, we have a little bit of everything in life. Moments of despair, times of faith, instants of happiness, and seconds of second thoughts. Sometimes we are … Continue reading

A lived life

(Picture taken in old Stockholm this past September) This evening I went to a singing bowls class. But it was not only singing bowls that we listened to but an array of primal sounds that penetrated our bodies and invaded our souls…It was like going back in time, many lives back, to our primitive state. … Continue reading

The rainbow

(Picture taken on my way to Yoga on my bicycle a few weeks back)  When people ask me where I am from, it’s really complicated for me…”Well, I am originally from Romania, but I grew up in Argentina, but I really don’t feel Romanian because I lived there only 5 years, but I am not … Continue reading