Thought, what an interesting concept…we cannot see it, we cannot touch it, we cannot smell it, but yet, if we pay close attention, if we bring our awareness to us, we can feel it.  Feel it deeply in our body, in our mind, in our spirit. How can we feel the thought? 

Thought is an energy, a vibration. When we feel happy, how do you feel? When you feel sad, how does it feel? Powerful energy that can create miracles, yet, that can destroy people, cities, even the world. It all starts with a thought…

The mind is very powerful. We create our world with our thoughts. We create our body with our thoughts.    

But where does it start? In your mind, in your belly, in your heart? What triggers the thought?

The mind has a mind of its own and is conditioned by our history, our family, our values, our genes. We see and feel the world though this lens and we create our reality.

Through yoga, meditation, we learn to pay attention to our body, to our mind.  What does it do? What does it want to do? Where is it heading? So with compassion and patience, we teach the mind to relax and rest.  The mind starts to become freer from this conditioning. So when the mind starts having space, it starts to become more creative, more constructive. We direct it to something that is worthwhile. “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind….”

Are we our mind? Are we our body? When I look around (including me), we all are identifying ourselves to what we see and feel. We identify with our possessions, our history, what we do, with our family.  Yoga teaches us that we are not our body, our mind, nothing that can be touched or seen, or felt. We are our soul that has lived from generation to generation. 


So through yoga, we learn to quiet our mind, we learn that we are not our thoughts, but an observer to them. So, if we create our world with our thoughts, and we are not our mind, then our world is not our world…? 


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