The dance of yoga, the dance of life

Yoga is a dance of doing and undoing, action and non action, stretching and strengthening.

When we are in a pose, some muscles stretch while others have to be firm and strong.  We have to yield some areas of the body towards the ground while others have to pull away from that anchor. When we press firmly into the floor, a grounding effect happens; we connect to the earth and receive stability and balance. We create an anchor that support us and tells up that we are present.  When we stretch from that foundation, we open our body to possibilities, to the energy flowing to and from the earth, we open our hearts to the divine.        

In this process, we learn to surrender to “what is” as we open our hearts to “what can be”.    

To get into a pose, your brain has to work and tell you where to place your arms, legs, etc.  We use the intelligence of the brain to guide us. Once we are in the pose, in order to feel the pose, we have to let go of the activity of the brain.  Also, we have to let go of the activity of the body as well. We have to surrender to new possibilities. We have to surrender to the wisdom of our hearts…

In this dance, the yin and yang continuously play with one another. In our lives, we dance between these 2 states. Too much yang or “rajasic” energy agitates us.  Too much yin or “tamasic” energy makes us too passive. The key is to find the harmony between the two, the sattvic state. But how can we cultivate it? How do we know?

By going within and listening. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. Listen to your mind and your thoughts.  Listen to your heart and its longings. If we act from our intuition and deepest knowledge, then action or yang energy does not agitate us.  It actually invigorates us because it comes from the yin quality. Yin and yang blending together to create that harmonious state, the sattvic state. Ahhhhh….    

The body cannot exist without the mind, the in breath would not exist without the out breath, we would not exist without a divine.  Would a divine exist without us? 


2 thoughts on “The dance of yoga, the dance of life

    • Thank you! And the mind!! Yoga is very powerful if its practiced in its more traditional form, I believe. Me alegro q te haya gustado y q haces yoga!! Q bueno!! Besos!!

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