Who am I?


(Dedicated to my dear friend with lots of love) 

That’s the eternal question that most of us, or just a few of us, ask ourselves. Most of us ask that question, unconsciously.  And just a few of us ask that question consciously with compassion, patience, and resilience. 

Carl Jung entire work could be summarized by two questions: “Who am I?” and “Who are we?”.  He believed that we all have an Ego that comprises all our conscious, everything that is understood and known.  And we also have an unconscious, all that is hidden inside us.  Dealing with the conscious is a piece of cake.  Understanding our unconscious is a mountain to climb, somewhat like Everest!

A long time ago, I read that we are like an onion.  We are all covered in layers created by our family, our society, and ourselves. When we are born, the core is very open but as we grow, layers and layers cover our true identity so that we can deal with life in our own way.  Some of us create big walls, made of iron, so nobody can hurt us. Some of us create big walls as well, but made of fear, and we become helpless and miserable. And most of these layers are developed unconsciously, I believe. Or so I experienced…

There are practices that uncover that unconscious, slowly but surely, so that we can rediscover who we are, despite the conditioning throughout the years. These all have in common the aspect of listening within. Meditation, yoga, and psychoanalysis are the few I have experienced personally. And oh! I am so grateful for them.  I am sure there are many more, each one of us has its own path. Why not discover yours? What is keeping you from it?

Time, money, energy? I think these are just excuses. Usually it’s fear.  You don’t know what you will discover, right? And that can be very scary. But you can’t let fear control your life.  Fear is just in your head and thoughts, it is not REAL.  What is real is you, and I believe all of us have a GOOD core, we are all born with the amazing qualities of the human spirit: kindness, compassion, love, benevolence. And we all have a very special gift to share with the world…


As The Tao says: “Practice not-doing, and everything will fall into place”.



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