Why are you so busy?

“It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?” ~Henry David Thoreau

 I don’t like to be busy. When I am busy, I don’t have the space to be, I don’t have time to think or feel, I just go through the motions of life like a robot. But that’s just me. 

I was taught that busy means good. I had to do things all the time, and that was the only way.  I see people around me loving to be busy, feeling proud of their business. Sometimes I fall into that trap. Old conditioning. It’s so good to be busy!! But why? When we are busy, it gives us an impression that we accomplish something, and by doing that, we are meaningful. “Just do it!”.  Or it gives us the illusion that we are in control. Are we really? I see the point.  Sometimes we have to be busy, we don’t have the choice.  When I had my twins, I had not choice but to be extremely busy. Thank goodness it’s over!    

Sometimes we DO have a choice, but we choose to do rather than be. It’s cultural. But also, I believe it’s a mask we put on so that we don’t see or feel what is real. It’s scary to just do nothing, right? What will I encounter? What will I feel? We think it’s easier this way, but is it?

When we choose to let go of doing, space is created, inside and outside us. We have the time to experience life, and to understand what is really going on.  We give ourselves a choice to look within and be aware.  We allow our intuition and unconscious to come to surface. The best ideas I have come to me when I practice being. Only through that awareness we can truly create meaningful change, inside and outside of ourselves.

Next time you want to do something that is not needed immediately, pause for a moment. Could you do something more meaningful? Maybe just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths? Feel and observe? Be with yourself? Give it a try.  Real change always starts with you.              


4 thoughts on “Why are you so busy?

  1. I totally see what you are saying and agree. I think when I feel uneasy in my body I want to stay busy because just being is uncomfortable. Asanas and meditation can help feel better, but it takes discipline to practice regularly. While I was going through chemo, I would have periods of feeling really bad because of the medicine, to feeling really good when it passed through my system. At those good times I could just be, no problem. Now that I am done with all that, there’s no highs and lows so just being on a regular basis is harder.

    • Thank you for sharing! I completely understand what you are saying. When I don’t feel good (either physically and/or mentally), it is much harder to just be to what it is. My first reaction is to want to escape by being busy. But I notice that and it’s when I put extra effort to just be, usually in meditation. And that practice brings me to a more peaceful place eventually, a place of understanding and compassion.

  2. Alma, very wisely take us to reflect on what makes us happy. I sometimes feel identify with the situation and sometimes I try not to feel guilty or no reproach not be making the most with “my business”. Run after work activities and thinking the “staying busy” find what is best for us, what brings us happiness. Recently, someone told me the following story: “A teacher seeing a student to work, come and go without rest, he asked – why run?, and the student replied:” I have a family, many obligations and need to go behind it to save time and pay all my expenses. ” Regarding this, the teacher asked: “What if you find that what you are looking behind you, is not behind? Regard, the student replied: -“and then, I would be running away “.
    This story seems appropriate to me as it has in common with the reflection that begins your note: Why are you so busy? Circumstances constantly push us to run, to render as much as possible, to fight to have and build and try to excel at the expense of everyone and everything.
    However, I think it’s possible to live life in a different way. Our life is our own existence, and this is not the situation I live. So it’s our own way to see it, feel it, live it. In this regard, as you well say, the time of daily contemplation can be a time of renewal.
    Alma, thanks for these readings. This leads me to think that “when silence speaks, life becomes.”

    • So true…thank you Fer so much for sharing!! Only when there is silence we can listen and maybe find the answers. Only when there is silence we can be in the present moment. Much love to you!!

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