Are you a giver or a receiver?

When I observe my dog, Dorito, he is the perfect example of both a giver and a receiver.  He is the most loving soul on this planet, he constantly gives love and attention, no matter what.  But at the same time, when he wants something, he is the most assertive soul.  He begs, he insists, until he gets what he wants. So, in the end, he receives what he needs. And I wonder…how can we be like him, the pure example of balance between giving and receiving?


Some of us are born givers, we give our time, energy, material things to those in need.  We would help the world, no matter what.  Because it feels good, because it feels right, because we believe in transformation, one step at a time. We sometimes fall into the trap of giving too much, then we become depleted and resentful. It can show in our body as illness and fatigue.     

Some of us are born receivers, we ensure that we get what we need and want. It’s easy, just ask, and most probably there will be a giver around us to fulfill our needs. (Or not).  Sometimes we demand too much from those around us, and we become nagging and dependent. We fall in the trap of being narcissist.  “It’s all about me!”

I am sure all of us have experienced both sides of the coin.  Extremes are easy to fall into, but not healthy.  How can we find balance and steadiness between giving and receiving?

I believe the answer is paying close attention to our center of energy located around the heart, the heart chakra, which controls the input and output of love. We have to be very aware of its energy and constantly ensure that its outflow is counterbalanced by the inflow. Only then we can grow spiritually. Only then we can achieve internal balance and can spread our light to the world.    

What is amazing is that the more we give, the more we receive.  And the more we receive, the more we open our hearts to giving. And we realize that no matter how we look on the outside, there is a spiritual connection among all living things that has no boundaries.  The key is to uncover it and to realize that it has always been there, and always will be.            


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