What the naked eye cannot see…

When you look around, what do you see? People, places, objects, etc. We see what we want to see. 

When you look around, what do you NOT see? Behind those people, places and objects, we hardly see much more. We go through life sometimes with a blind eye, I like to call it. We miss a lot of what it actually is. When we look at a person, we see their clothes, their body, the exterior. Only the superficial, and immediately form an opinion. “I don’t like that person”. What if we spent some more time to uncover that person, maybe their emotions, their history, their life. What if we find some similarities between that person and us, maybe not on the outside, but on the inside. 

When we practice yoga, for the novice eye, a pose is just a physical pose. Ah! This pose looks like a static triangle! For the more experienced practitioner, the pose is a dynamic universe. Lots of things happening inside the body, energy flowing from one cell to another, mind experimenting its wonders, body feeling a complete surrendering yet stable and firm in its own glory, body and mind fidning a total union with the divine. Ahhh! What the naked eye cannot see…but the heart can feel…

You can go to a yoga class and feel dull all inside (can you?!?!?). Or you can just do a pose and feel alive and complete. Appearances can be misleading, can’t they?

Looking inside with our senses is a skill that can be developed and cherished. Looking beyond what we see with the naked eye gives us maybe a different perspective on people, things, situations. So next time you encounter someone that you don’t know or that you know, maybe you want to find out what is behind that person, looking with your heart rather than with your naked eyes.



One thought on “What the naked eye cannot see…

  1. Dear Alma,
    “We see what we want to see” is a mirror of what we think, what we are…
    I agree that we are much more of what we see, and that we could connect with others with tuning the heart.
    Thank you for your thoughts!

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