Finding comfort in discomfort

Life puts us in difficult situations all the time. I am not talking about life threatening cases, but more mundane situations where we don’t feel at ease, where we don’t like how it is. What can we do?

For a long time, my strategy has been to try to control the situation, manage it so that it is less painful. How can I change the people around me so that I don’t suffer? Should I fly away and ignore it? Should I fight it with anger and frustration? Ohhh. All these tactics that allow us to escape what we don’t like…but is it a real escape or just an illusion?

Life is a gift, as simple as that, with all kinds of moments.  Good, bad, and so so.  When things go our way, it’s heaven.  We like it! It feels good! When things don’t go our way, well, it’s not that pretty.

Discomfort is painful, hard to digest, if you know what I mean.  There is a lot of energy that is used to keep up with it.  When we fight it, it wears us down and destroys us. 

Instead, can we try to view discomfort as a teaching tool? We can practice patience, tolerance, and acceptance. We can put ourselves in other people shoes and see the world through their eyes. We can try to be present and understand the situation. We can only  grow spiritually when there are roadblocks, friction. Only if we choose to.  It’s our choice, and no one else. 

So next time life puts you in a not so pretty situation, take a deep breath, embrace what is going on, and go with the flow.  Nothing is permanent anyway. 




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