To escape or not to escape. That is the question.

Escape is a necessary evil. It brings balance to the earthiness of living.  Daily life can be quiet stressful at time, with demands coming from all over the place, job, family, friends, and ourselves. Escaping is needed at times, to bring back the subtle balance in our body, mind and spirit.

But let’s first discuss what is escaping? In my mind, escaping means getting away from something, so that we find something else. Escaping can be a conscious decision or an unconscious one.

When we decide consciously to escape, I believe it is healthy if we do it with measure.  Like going on a vacation, watching a movie, taking a walk; meditation and yoga can be used as an escape from the reality too. And it is OK if we do it sometimes. I know I am guilty of that behavior (“ I am in my yoga room and nobody bothers me!!”). Yeah! Sometimes it happens…

Now, when we escape unconsciously, we have no idea we do that. We live like in a dream, constantly being away from the present moment, from ourselves.  It is so widely practiced that it is scary just to observe. Watching TV, playing computer games, constantly doing something or being busy are ways that take us far from the present moment.  It is like living in a bubble, away from our reality, our feelings, our life.  Why do we feel the need to constantly DO instead of just BE?

First, I believe it is cultural, the modern lifestyle, our society, technology and its uses.  Second, I believe being is just scary for a lot of people.  We were never taught to just be with our feelings, observe our breath, or feel our body.  Or at least I haven’t.  What will I discover if I just be? Boredom, pain, loneliness…ohhh, not so pretty, but,.. if we look closer…only in boredom we can find creativity, only in pain, spiritual growth, and in loneliness, the gift to be with oneself.  It’s a question of choice.

Remember, you are (a lot of times) the decision maker of your life. Consciously and unconsciously.  There is no right or wrong here.  Just a decision on how you want to live your life. And there is always a trade off, a sacrifice that we make. It just depends what kind of price we want to pay. We can’t have everything, after all…


“Every person has free choice.  Free to obey or disobey the Natural Laws.  Your choice determines the consequences.  Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of their choices.” Alfred Montapert


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