The Spiritual Path

When I look at the definition of “spirituality” in the Wikipedia, this is what it says: “The term spirituality lacks of a definitive definition…” and I pause there!! How can I write about something that it is not even defined in the dictionary?? Well, there is still hope, I tell myself, as I contemplate writing about my own experience. So with humbleness, I decide to share what my beliefs are, as I wonder about my spiritual path so far.   

I believe we all have a path in our lives, and sometimes that path becomes spiritual.  But what does that mean? What I consider a spiritual path, is a process of transformation where we rediscover and build a relationship with our inner self.  The spiritual bug (as I like to call it) can pinch us out of the blue, without notice, or it is a life long unconscious quest that suddenly surfaces out from our inner being.  The process can be triggered by a person, a teacher, a situation, or it is an accumulation of circumstances.  But when it comes our way, it is with full force.  It pulls us in and it is scary. Scary for us, because it is unknown, and scary for the people around us, because they feel they are loosing us. The pool is very strong, and sometimes people make big changes to accommodate their spiritual needs.  I just watched the beautiful documentary “I am” and it tells the story of a renown movie director who, in search of himself, decides eventually to lead a simple life as opposed to his former life of Hollywood luxury, leaving behind money and fame.  Some of us, like me, decide to lead a more traditional life with daily obligations, diapers and car pools. But ohhh, sometimes it is quiet a challenge to balance between our spiritual needs and fulfill our daily obligations.  It is a constant struggle because the spiritual path needs time, space and mostly work in order for us to move forward.  

The work has to be constant, and can come in different shapes and forms, such as yoga, meditation, service, chanting, devotion, religious practice. Sometimes we get stuck, and sometimes we flow like water.  No matter our progress, we need to have faith in our ability to find our inner self and develop a relationship, based on love, compassion, and acceptance. 

Most of us ask ourselves :”What is my purpose in life?” I believe that traveling on a spiritual path will eventually answer this question. We cannot get impatient because the answer will only come when we are ready to fulfill that obligation.  

But most importantly, let your path come from a place of love, go through your path with love and end your path with love. Once we love ourselves unconditionally, we can love others. Once we accept ourselves, we can accept others.  Once we heal ourselves, we can heal others.  Developing these qualities in ourselves, we can help the world be a better place.  


 “To me, spirituality means “no matter what”.  One stays on the path, one commits to love, and does one’s work; one follows one’s dream; one shares, tries not to judge, no matter what.” Yehuda Berg



One thought on “The Spiritual Path

  1. Thoughtful post. Spirituality does start with our inner self. Turning down this road wasn’t intentional. Where’s the exit ramp?

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