What is your song?

Mine is Yellow, Dancing Queen, Flashdance.  I love singing.  When I was little, I use to hide behind a huge curtain in our Romanian apartment and pretend that I was a famous singer on big stage. 

It took me 40 years to invite singing back into my life…Life puts a lot of demands on us and we simply forget the pleasures of our lives, what brings us deep joy. When I sing, I feel that this is part of who I am.  Sometimes it’s choppy and shy, sometimes it’s fearful, but sometimes it’s also powerful and impressive. It really reflects how I feel inside. It’s my mirror. I think singing is like yoga because it is a form of expression of our deepest self.  

We all have a song, gifts to share with the world. Most of us keep them hidden for a long time, but what use is it good for? Not much…That treasure that is hidden will invariably stay there unless we dig for it with full force and allow it to come to the surface. Then once on the surface, we need to make space for it in our lives.  Yes! and it is so hard! But despite mommy obligations and yoga teacher duties, I have to set my foot down to my own reality: ”I am singing now for 10 minutes no matter what”. 

So…without pretending to be Freud…(HA!!) think about a time when you were little…what did you love to do? What brought you so much joy and happiness that you could not contain it inside you? And let your imagination just be there with that thought for minutes, hours, days…Invite the answer back into your life with patience and respect. And feel the tingling inside your heart when you found something that is meaningful to your soul…




3 thoughts on “What is your song?

  1. Thanks for the inspiring message. For me the song was “hunk of burning love” by Elvis when I was in Elementary. We used to play it on the 45 record player in my bedroom. Now when I go out for a jog I listen to music and find myself signing. Brings back that feeling. You need to watch the movie “Internship” b/c Flash dance is mentioned often.

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