I have mixed feelings about the holiday season (sorry guys, don’t want to disappoint you…but this is my honest truth).  Sometimes I feel happy and sometimes I feel melancholic….Sometimes I am full of energy and sometimes I am tired. There is too much going on.  There are too many expectations from everywhere (specially from inside), I feel. Even the energy in the air is “rajasic” and it is very easy to get sucked into it. What I need the most during these times when we don’t have time is my time with myself.  Alone.  

Very recently a friend of mine reminded me how important it is to practice breathing. Thank you!! Practicing Pranayama allows us to be in the moment, centered, and calm.  My yoga practice has become less physical and more spiritual. Breathing, chanting, meditation. To keep me grounded and at peace. It does not work all the time, but boy! what would I be without my practice…??

So next time you are so busy, these are the times you need to stop and breathe.  A little check in with yourself. What do you need? How can you take care of yourself? 

“Soul food”, as I like to call it, comes in all shapes and forms, but I think one common denominator is to be alone. Ohhh!!! when we are truly alone with ourselves, there is a sacred space that opens up. It might not be what we expect, but still, this space brings healing energy to surface. Maybe some acceptance that things might not be be exactly what we want. Maybe understanding that life is not perfect but rejoice in what it is. 

When we are alone in silence, we can move closer to our true self, to our heart, and maybe hear its whispers…. 










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