I recently went on a trip to Costa Rica. We did a lot of things that were adventurous and required a lot of control and mind focused attention. However, I did ONE THING that only required letting go, and that was a Tarzan jump from a platform into the rain forest. I was scared but determined to do it. I really did not know why I wanted to do it, but I knew I wanted to have that experience. I told myself: What is the worse that can happen? Can I go beyond my fears?  Can I go beyond my mind imposed limits and surrender to the unknown? Can I trust? 

Jumping was not easy, I took a leap of faith into the unknown.  I had to shut down my rational and emotional mind and just trust.  Sometimes we just have to do that.  Trust in somebody, trust in God (if you are a believer), trust in a situation, or just trust in yourself.  Despite the fear, we just have to jump, sometimes, to move forward.  

Jumping gave me a sense of freedom and surrendering. Freedom because we can do so many things yet, we don’t do them because we are scared.  Surrendering because I had to trust my instinctual desire to jump. There was a reason and I had to believe in it with my heart. 

When you trust and believe with all your heart, you know deep inside that things go the way they are supposed to go.  Most people don’t jump because they let their fears, worries, anxiety, get in the way.  And sometimes it is a cautionary thing to do. OK.  But sometimes we just have to let go of the illusionary grip that we DO have control of the situation and know that we are in the hands of an angel.   




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