What defines you?

I recently watched a video of Lizzie Velasquez discussing “What defines you”.  And my heart stopped in awe and admiration.  What a woman!! How much suffering has she gone through! 

So, I started thinking…what defines me? My name (for sure!), my body, my hair (yes! I love my hair), my yoga practice as a student and as a teacher, being a mother to my two beautiful sons, my service to others, my deepest beliefs, my heart, my spirit.  So as I am putting this list together, I go from the superficial, what is visible, to the most profound of my core.  And I realize that everything that is visible IS continuously changing. My body is aging (yep! that’s a fact that no one can escape…) and my yoga practice is a constant yet fluctuating with the colors of my heart.  My sons will not need me anymore when they become adults but my core beliefs, who I am at heart, will always remain.  Lizzie had to learn extremely fast that her appearance does not define who she is.  And instead of feeling a victim of her situation, she found strength and courage to use her situation to help others and find purpose in her life.  The hard way.  

Most of us have the luxury of time and a decent normal life. Yet, we struggle in finding purpose because in a way, we have too much. We have jobs, obligations, health, decent money, and families. Lizzie did not have much. But she listened to her heart and had the strength to follow it. She looked inside for answers because she had nothing outside. 

It takes lots of work, courage, and determination to follow your heart and find YOUR purpose.  What defines us must come from inside, and is unique to each one of us. If we rely on the visible, sooner or later we will be disappointed. 

I believe we all have a purpose.  It’s not easy to find it. And it comes with a sacrifice.  But boy! is it worthwhile…Every time I am in service to others, my heart bathes in a sea of grace and bliss…This is what defines me! 

So, next time you make some time for yourself, ask yourself…”What defines me”? and if you wish, I would love to hear what you find out…



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