Digging for our creativity

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 

Carl Jung 

In Jungian psychology, the unconscious is everything that we are not aware of in our lives. It contains feelings, memories, qualities, behaviors, all hidden and repressed.  Jung calls this the personal unconscious. Also, there is a more universal aspect of our unconscious inherited from past generations, the collective unconscious, stored in our genes.  Our unconscious is much part of our lives and dictates our behavior in surprising ways.  Most of us have no idea, but if we pay close attention to our dreams, our slips of tongue, our fantasies, our unconscious is quiet present! 

 To tap into our unconscious, we have to switch off our rational mind.  How do we do that? we ask ourselves…and most importantly, WHY on earth do I want to do that? 

First and foremost, we need space! Physical space: to be by ourselves with no distractions, no to do lists, and definitely no strict time limits; emotional space: a space where we can observe and embrace our emotions, no matter what they are; in the end, we are all humans, right?; and last, spiritual space: a space where we can be in touch with our deeper selves, with the divine within and/or the divine outside ourselves (depending on our belief system). Once we have those requisites, the unconscious naturally surfaces and we have the choice to listen to it. Mmmm. We can also engage in any activity, such as meditation, painting, yoga, singing, crochet, running, anything that brings us to something deeper than just the superficial awareness of life.  

Jung said that our unconscious (and more specifically our shadow) is the seat of creativity.  When we let go of our mind and enter the realms of our being, we discover that we all are quiet creative, it is our birthright!  Unfortunately most of us have covered it with layers of fear and adulthood ‘should and should not”, including me. If we tap into that potential, our lives will be more fulfilled spiritually because we will engage in activities that heal our soul and deepen our connection within.  Take me.  After studying engineering, MBA, and working for almost 10 years in an office (figure that!) I found out that I am quiet creative and love writing, singing, dancing (apart from yoga, of course!).  That creativity slowly surfaced from my deeper being and became part of my daily life.  Writing and sharing my posts has brought much healing and has given me something meaningful to look forward to, as I am in my sacred space.   

From an energetic standpoint, our creativity is a more feminine energy (not gender related) stored in the second chakra (below the navel).  As we open that chakra, there is more energy flowing through our body, healing areas that need healing and creating a beautiful aura that protects us and shines in the world. In the end, we benefit and everybody else around us! Expressing ourselves gives meaning to our lives as we share it with other people and make the world a better place to be. 

“I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind.” Albert Einstein







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