Thank you pain

I have been massaging my pain for a few days now, looking at it right and left, living it in my skin and bones, penetrating its depth and mystery, allowing it to just be. Many people said: ”I am sorry”, and I understand their concern, but I am not. I give thanks to my pain so that I can grow. As a mother, wife, friend, teacher, human being…

Pain, like mine, can be a stepping stone to higher consciousness, to a different way of seeing, to freedom, only if we choose so. Pain is a great teacher that tells us where we are stuck and what we need to work on. When we are fine and everything is smooth in our lives, we tend to forget that life is a gift we need to cherish everyday. We forget to grow, in a way…

What I realized is that we cling to pain. It’s familiar, deja vu, certain. We know it! Sometimes we try to ignore it consciously (but attach to it unconsciously). We use an extensive portfolio of escapes (pills, addictions, work, excuses). And sometimes we need those. Of course we think we take the easiest route, but the pain comes back, sometimes as a disguise. Other times we confront it with anger, and in our ego centric desire for the pain to go away, we make it even stronger. “I am here!” it screams…In both cases, we remain at the surface, at the tip of the iceberg.

So, after making friends with my pain, I finally decided to let it go. Mentally, I am allowing it to be as long as it needs to be here with me, but also inviting it to leave my body whenever I am ready. Meditation, affirmation, and mantra are my new allies. I rely on them to further wander new territories, the mystery of the soul, the warmth of the infinite possibilities. With pain, or pain free, stepping into deep understanding of who I am as a whole human being and how I can be of service…



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