What a journey…


More than a year has passed since I started writing and posting on my blog. What a journey! What an experience! What a healing!

I remember how scared I was to start something that I had never done before. Something new. 

First, writing. I remember as a kid I hated writing…and I preferred math. Of course! Writing at that time was a rational endeavor and I could not put my conscious to do something that had to come from my unconscious. Math, on the contrary, provided me with abstract ideas that I liked and explored deeper, until I had to put them into practice and I did not like that. Ah!

Second, sharing. I remember having to hit the “Submit” button on my first post and my heart was pounding so much! Yes, I was scared. But I did it, I knew I had to. I did not have a choice, really. At least from my heart. My mind was probably saying “Why are you doing this?, no need”, but my heart was whispering “You don’t have a choice…, this is your path.”

And since then, I have written posts since March of 2013…Some of them are still in their draft mode, some are already shared, and probably most of them are still in my heart, ready to be born at the right time and the right place…

Probably you have observed that my posts have become more personal, sharing my inner journey, my inner world. It’s my path. It’s my healing. This is also for me (remember?), and this is who I am. Sharing has become so much my “raison d’être” I just can’t keep it inside! (As you can see, I am getting ready to go to France on a vacation). And if anyone judges me, I really don’t care. Really. That’s their problem, not mine. Sometimes I wonder…but that wonder is just curiosity and nothing else.

This is a picture I took a few weeks back having a loving walk with a dear friend. It’s close to home and I recently discovered it. The forest, the walkway, the smell were enchanting. And I remembered that we all have a journey in the spiritual world, wether we acknowledge it or not. We all have our own path. We all do.

“The inner journey is not the most important journey. It is the only journey”. Anonymous
(I like this quote even if I think it’s a little “extreme”, or judgmental…What do you think?)






4 thoughts on “What a journey…

  1. true ! Empty and fragile in the same time !!!
    Where and when do you come in France …
    I wish a meeting !

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