The heart

When I think about the heart, what an amazing part of our body!…It gives us life, and it also takes it away in a heartbeat. The heart chakra (to be more precise, the center of our chest at the heart height) is the energy center that connects the lower chakras (more earthy) to the upper chakras (more spiritual). The heart connects us to mother earth as well as higher planes of consciousness.

Sadness, fear, insecurity, high stress (you name it!) all close the heart chakra. Unfortunately, what happens next is that the energy does not flow anymore to the higher chakras as well as the lower chakras. Not good! Our energetic support is closed!!

In these times of sadness, I can feel my heart area is tight…I know it’s normal, I tell myself. But I try to remind myself to keep the energy flowing. How? First, just by bringing the awareness to my energy flow and allow it to circulate. Second, by doing supported backbends. Oh, my dear yoga comes in handy! And third, which I think it’s the most important, by allowing myself to be vulnerable, to be present to my feelings and accept them as they are.

Vulnerability is seen as a weakness in our world. “Be strong, don’t cry!” I hate when I hear parents say that to their kids… OK, I agree that if you are extremely vulnerable and live in a victim world is not good at all. But, I think vulnerability with boundaries is actually very healthy. Allowing to feel and be present to whatever rises is at the core of mindful meditation. Feeling. Sensing. Observing what happens in our body. Understanding that emotions are energies, and energy is life. We cut the energy flow, we cut down life.

Vulnerability is also a forgotten skill that requires time and space. In our world of constantly doing, constantly worrying about the future or the past, constantly non stopping, it’s actually impossible to be vulnerable. There is no time for it. Sorry. Rephrase. WE DON’T MAKE TIME for it because it is scary. Of course! I am going to feel, and maybe cry, and be weak, oh no!!! I can’t be that…I need to be strong! Right? Wrong.

Real inner strength comes when the heart is open and we CAN be present in that vulnerability. When we allow ourselves to feel. When the energy flows. When there is life inside us. And when we know it’s time to move on and let go.




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