The busyness of being


I love sitting by the pool and let my imagination unwind, I love swinging in the backyard swing and allowing my unconscious to surface, I love walking my dog at sunset exploring the colors in the sky…I love doing not doing, because this is what keeps me balanced in the busyness of being.

When it’s busy, it’s busy! Or at least it is how I perceive it. No time for just being. Only time for doing. Takes me off center. This past month has been like that. Nice, beautiful experiences, but busy! I need my dose of non action, swimming in the depths of my unconscious, allowing my creativity to surface, inviting my feminine energy of inner transformation and metamorphosis to flourish. Ahhh…

When I am busy, my teaching gets boring. My practice gets dull. My writing almost non existent. My frustration increases and no longer can balance properly. I don’t play the piano because I don’t have time. I stop making my own music but get drawn into the music of living and surviving. I actually will not call that music. It’s just noise. Incomprehensible noise that covers the real music, the music of our soul.

I am really lucky that I have time (thank you my dear hubby!). Well, it still requires an effort to just stop; I could invent a thousand things to do at home and outside home. It’s so easy! But I don’t. I don’t need that busyness anymore. Actually I avoid it so that I get back to what is vital for me, what takes me to my core, to my own self. So that I can be the best of me, a better mom, wife, teacher, friend, and human being.

It’s not a matter of trying. It’s a matter of non trying, just be. As Jung says…”I am at the stream but do nothing. Other people are at the same stream but most of them find they have to do something with it. I do nothing.”




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