“Water is the driving force of all nature.” Leonardo da Vinci

I went the other day fishing with my boys at a lake near our house. As the kids were busy trying to throw the fishing rod, I was sitting by the lake, admiring its beauty. The water…ahhhh, what a magical element…

I feel the water has a mystical energy that transcends matter. It’s matter and it is not. All matter is energy, as Einstein discovered it. But it seems to me that water is more energy than matter, if you know what I mean…(?!!) Do I know? (not really…but I am writing with my heart, my unconscious, not my mind). Back to what I was saying…Water can take any shape as long as it is in a container. Water is flexible and fluid. Water is like our psychic energy I feel. It flows in and out until we put it in a container and it becomes form. Then, only then, it can be shaped into something tangible. Something that we can grasp. Something meaningful.

We are made up of more water than solid dense matter. We are more fluid energy, much more than we think we are. The modern world imposes on us to be rigid, and contained, and strict. But we are not…that is not our natural state…Our pre birth state is in water, our birth right is to flow. As I look up “fluid” in the dictionary, it also says “smoothly elegant and graceful”. Yes!! our birth right is to flow with grace! To flow with grace…

Water is also the element of the second chakra: emotions, creativity, sexuality, feminine energy. That energy is pure transformation. First, we have to allow it to flow. How? You might ask…any act can be a process to unveil that energy; drawing, writing, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, anything creative can channel that energy towards something. Something that has meaning, something that is born from within.

As it emerges from the second chakra, it needs to get a checkmark from the solar plexus (our identity) and our heart. Is it something that defines me? Or not? Does it give meaning to my existence? Do I love this? Is it something that stirs up my soul? We can embark on million of things that are not what we are supposed to do, and thus, life passes by without notice. We get caught up in surviving, and not living. But if we stop and ask those questions, then we have a chance to choose. To choose what is right for us, for our health, for our world. If we are the best we can be, everybody that we touch will benefit from it. One step at a time…

Then, we need to put this energy in a container with our structured rationale mind; we massage it, we make it feasible, we give it a form, and a voice through the throat chakra. Yes! We speak our truth, our identity, our dreams and inspirations…All coming from this water like energy called force life…


“A creative act enhances the beauty of the world. It gives something to the world, it never takes anything from it.” ~Osho


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