What is love?

“Keep your heart open and everything will fall into place” by me

In todays world, I think we have the wrong idea about love. As teenagers, we dream of the perfect prince or princess that will save us from our ordinary life and lead us into eternal bliss. “happily ever after…”. Media makes fortunes on portraying this type of love, because it sells!! We love to dream the impossible and be caught in the illusion that such love exists. It does, but only in movies and books. Sorry folks!

To love is not an act of doing, but an act of being I believe. Love is being receptive, open, and sensitive. It means opening our heart and embracing humanness. Love means caring, deeply listening, connecting to a deeper level than the one we see with our eyes. Love goes beyond matter, it goes at the core of our being.

I think we forgot how to love in today’s fast pace, materialistic, technologically advanced times. We forgot to allow ourselves to feel and be ok with whatever arises. It seems to me that love is more part of our shadow, in Jungian terms. It is hidden deeply inside us under a strong shell. and I wonder why…why have we forgot as a civilization the art of love?

Maybe because we were never taught the art of unconditional love by our parents. Maybe because life is too busy to have time to take care of the soul. Maybe because we live hunched in our cars, in front of the computers, and our heart chakra is closed. Maybe because we lack real leaders with open hearts like Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, or Gandhi. Maybe because love means surrendering and our culture is all about be in control, just do it, and never give up. Maybe because we are so afraid of what we will encounter if we let ourselves open that we have to protect under a strong armor. Vulnerability is a scary feeling…I know…but worthwhile the try…

Because being open to life is what heals us. And we remember that in fact, loving means remembering that we all are connected. It’s not an act of doing but of being…



2 thoughts on “What is love?

  1. What a beautiful post Alma, nothing is so powerful as true Love and compassion. Thank you for infusing this post with both your yogic and Jungian knowledge….overcoming cultural programming takes serious work.

    I am also beaming that you quoted yourself at the opening of this post….I did it recently as well and it is so empowering!! 🙂 Love, Amanda

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