There’s always work to be done


I have been in psychoanalysis for 5 or 6 years I think…I don’t count the time anymore because this is not a part time job for me, but a life time commitment to dig deeper and deeper into my soul. What more can I ask out of life if not knowing my truth, my inner self, my soul?

The soul is a mystery…it only reveals to the open heart, and only little by little, if we deeply listen to its whisper. Most of us live our lives in a soulless way. We care about everything and anything but the yearnings of our soul. I wonder why…

After a couple of years in psychoanalysis during which I figured out my story, I thought I was done. How naive and superficial I was…I was only scratching the surface…only when we clear the clutter around and inside us we have a chance at looking within. Only then. And it is when the real work starts.

With courage and stubbornness, we start traveling inside our heart, our soul, our inner most being. “The path of individuation/wholeness is not for sissies”, Kathleen Wiley, a Jungian analyst states. It is not. And not for everybody either. It’s not a superior work, nor a better work. Just a choice that we make or God makes for us. (Sometimes we don’t get to choose). And this work is unbelievably painful sometimes, but from that pain we become stronger and resilient. We learn to understand the pain so that it can get transformed into healing. We learn to let go of fear so that love can grow in its place. We learn to surrender to the divine to eventually trust that there is a purpose, a divine purpose to all that is.

And…there’s always work to be done…



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