The greatest gift

In my backyard.

In my backyard.

What more can I ask on my birthday…

To be loved and love as much as I can…Words don’t mater, things don’t matter, just the knowing that I am loved far and beyond, knowing that my heart is open far and beyond…

To speak my truth…whatever I do in life, do it from my soul, my heart, so that love permeates everything I do.

To nourish my soul every single day with small acts of sacredness and devotion.

To be the best I can…(and sometimes I fall short)…But the seed of intention is what matters.

To be the ever spirited child who dances in the sun… and never loose that quality in me.

To look back and know that there is a higher purpose to my erratic crazy past, that the present is what matters, and that the future will come in its own time.

To know that God is with me, and has always been.





5 thoughts on “The greatest gift

  1. Such wise words, Alma!!!!
    I am so happy to find you here once again, thanks to Roxana, who passed me your blog details and email address, too!
    I wish you all the very best on your birthday! Un abrazo grande, de luz y amor… y un tironcito de orejas.

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