Kanuga leaf

We all search for meaning in life, wether consciously or unconsciously.
When we are teenagers, we look to fit in because that will bring meaning to our existence. When we are young adults, we get married and raise kids because that is meaningful to us. But what happens after we have done all that…what are the things that mean to us, that fill that void of existence?

I don’t like the holidays. Every year, as they approach, I feel a sense of loneliness and uneasiness. I want them to go fast, but they always leave a mark of sadness on me. As I stop and wonder, I ask myself…why? Maybe because there’s too much of everything and too little of what is really important, at least for me: too many lights, too many gifts to buy, too many crowds, too many expectations, too much noise, too much “rajasic” energy in the air; silence, space, and time do not exist anymore, and we loose track of living a simple life…The holidays have become a paranoia of consumerism and superficiality. Sorry!! I do believe we have forgotten somewhat the true meaning of it…and it saddens me to see that…

So what is meaningful to me? What fills my soul so that I can BE and GIVE the best of me? Practicing in silence in my yoga room every morning as a candle fills the air with a warm glow, having deep relationships with people in my life, living a simple life, helping others in need, and connect, connect, connect…”Yoga” means connection at every level, so me and Yoga really go hand in hand.

So now it’s your turn, what gives meaning to your life?



2 thoughts on “Meaning

  1. A difficult question to answer — perhaps for me first and foremost is the indefinable, unmistakable Love of my Beloved and my cracked, imperfect yet faithful attempts to extend that love to others. I absolutely hold as a pearl of great price , my spiritual practice–to Behold the Beholder both day and night. I do my best to step away from the holidays–they are filled with too much nothingness and too much illness leaving me empty in a ragged sort of way.

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