I just recently watched the documentary of Marina Abramovic “The artist is present” and I have been immensely impressed by her and her work as a performance artist…There are no words to describe, you have to experience, so just watch the documentary and let me know your thoughts!!

Her most famous work was in 2010 at the MOMA in NY where she sat for 3 consecutive months on a chair and gazed into people eyes. She was visited by 750,000…At some point in the documentary, she says: “This feeling of beauty and unconditional love and this feeling that there is no kind of borders between your body and the environment. And you start having this incredible feeling of lightness and harmony with yourself. It something becomes like a holy, I can’t explain. And that other state of mind is exactly what the pubic starts feeling that something is different.”

She represents rawness, truth, vulnerability, unconditional love, and a present state of mind. Through her performance, she connected at a deep energetic level with people that came to visit her. She opened her heart to each of these souls, who in their turn, opened themselves to this spiritual state, in order to experience the most amazing inner transformations. Just by being present, just by opening the soul, just by connecting…they were transformed.

This also shows me how much yearning we have to connect with other souls, to feel love that has no time or space boundaries, to feel the sacred, to go back to what really matters. We are meant to feel that, but we are usually disconnected from that awareness. As James George says in an interview in the latest Parabola magazine, “I think our entire culture has been rendered impotent by its disconnection from the consciousness, from anything that we could really call sacred….Our inability to be here now is the blockage”.

So Marina, by being fully present in the here and now, invites other people to join her in this sacred space, experiencing one consciousness, One Mind, and love beyond imagination. Bravo Marina!!!



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