So many times in a day I use the word “healing”… I say it in my yoga classes, with my family, with close friends, with myself, and I wonder…what am I really talking about? do I really know the true meaning?

When I hear the word healing with my conscious mind, it sounds easy, pleasurable, and nice. Bu when I hear it with my heart, with my soul, when I open myself to the experience of it, it feels painful, terribly difficult, and excruciatingly challenging. From my experience, here is a feeble attempt to express what it means to me…

First of, I truly believe healing must start within us. The whole world can scream at us that we need healing, but if we don’t want to be aware of it and take the first step, it ain’t happening!! It is a huge responsibility that we fully own. That’s why I say to my clients, I do 50% and you do 50%. That’s the truth! For instance, with Reiki, I have seen how much healing can happen if the person is open and takes responsibility and how little if the person is closed and fearful.

Second, it’s a very personal process. I say “personal” because nobody can walk in our shoes and really know what we are going through. I say “process” because I don’t think it ever ends…Scary, right? I am sure it gets easier once we have crossed a mountain, then God gives us a break, and then back climbing another mountain! Ohh!! Does it ever end in a life time I wonder…? or throughout life times (for those of us that believe in reincarnation)…? Probably not…but we can get closer to our truth I believe.

Third, we need companions, helpers along the way, not to mention God… I don’t think we can do it by ourselves. We need doctors to repair physical wounds or put a temporal bandaid, healers to channel healing energy to us, friends to hold us in their arms, psychologists to listen to our soul despair, and we also need ourselves, our inner being to keep us company in the journey and whisper that all is ok.

Healing is a painful process. As Carl Jung stated: “…as always every step forward along the path of individuation is achieved only at the cost of suffering.” Say no more! Because the individuation process IS a healing process of uncovering our unconscious and eventually becoming whole by finding our true self. To me, that’s true healing! Shedding layers and layers of conditioning and repressed emotions (mostly unconscious) to be our authentic self. Easier said than done! Yes, but so worthwhile!

And…as Anodea Judith says “To heal is to make whole….if the heart chakra is the integrator and the unifier, then it follows that it is also the center of healing. Indeed, love is the ultimate healing force.”



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