Dorito’s religion


Today I had an unexpected experience. My fridge has not been working for a week now and a technician came to replace the main board this evening. As we were talking, he asked me about my work. I told him that I am a yoga teacher and a Reiki master, “like hands on healing”. He started asking me about my religion, and if I believed in Heaven. I said “I don’t belong to any religion but I am very spiritual; and no, I don’t believe in Heaven, I am a free spirit!”. And you can imagine how my conversation went from there on, talking about reincarnation, Hinduism, etc…(I usually don’t get upset with strangers, but this time, I was!)

My kids and I were talking for a long time about this incident after he left. And they said: “Mommy, why can’t we all practice Dorito’s religion?” Dorito is my dog, and he is the most loving, caring, and compassionate soul out there. Yes, love should be the ONLY religion out there. Love brings people together, religions usually separate them. Love is God made, religions are man made. Love is at the core of every religious belief, while religions are just different languages to express that same fundamental truth.

And I wonder…what is in his head (it does not look like he heard of any other religions)…what fears does he have ( and he shared some with me that blew me away) that he feels so compelled to try to change people around him that are not like him. So sad…such a fruitless intent…such a desperation…so sorry for him…

Why is it so difficult for people to tolerate our differences, not to mention respect or accept them? Why is fear more predominant than love? How can we build a world where love and compassion are the main languages?

My fridge is not fixed, I am not converted to Christianity, and Dorito is sleeping right by my side, as he always does. Life goes on…



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