No more fears

For the longest time, I lived in fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of not pleasing people, fear of not being loved… All kinds of fears!! One day, I realized if I was going to follow that path, I would get really sick, both mentally and physically, since they go hand in hand. Not good!!

My spiritual journey started in 1998 when I used to meditate for hours and became a Reiki Master…then came the kids in 2004 and my journey had a halt. Of course! There was no place for me when I had to take care of two little munchkins that needed me more than 24 hours per day. Then I went back to my FedEx life, but I could no longer make it through the day…I had to be somewhere else, I had to be myself, and that self was not happy being in an office!

The day that I quit my stable, 40 hours a week job (February 13, 2009), that’s the day I started shedding my fears I believe. One at a time, slowly but surely. It took me 6 years, lots of therapy, lots of yoga and meditation, lots of willingness to make it through despite the hardship and struggle, and countless of people that became part of my journey. My journey towards my own Self.

I believe that once we become aligned to our vocation, once we discover and become our truth, the fears start to evaporate. There is no place for them because no matter the fears, we know deep inside what makes sense, what feels good, what the Universe is telling us. They might peak at us shyly, but they quickly disappear into the wind. Good bye!…

And we finally trust. We deeply trust. Not with the head, but with the heart. Our spiritual heart…the heart of the soul…



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