Moving on

“If we fear change, we are blind to the mystery of life.” (Marc Nepo, Parabola Magazine, Fall 2015).

When I started feeling at home in Memphis, the Universe is telling me: “Time to move on!”. I would have never thought that would be possible, not right now, when I am making life long connections through Yoga and Reiki…But yes, I am about to leave my home for the last 16 years.

It’s hard to say good bye, really hard. I know I don’t want to acknowledge that distance makes a difference, but I trust that real connections go beyond space and physicality. They transcend time!

It seems to me that I was born to be a Bedouin, a Nomad, a citizen of the world. Changing countries for me has been like changing pajamas! What do I need to learn, once again, that I have not learnt previously?

Certainly letting go; letting go of my friends here, of my house, of my yoga classes, of my spirituality group, of my Reiki groups, and of what I know for sure. Knowing that home is where the heart is, where my family is; no matter where I am in this world, my home is inside me and with the people that I most love. Surrendering to the unexpected, to the unknown, and go with the flow. Trusting that there is a higher calling for my family to be in Brussels that we don’t know about. Knowing that this is my journey and it’s a perfect path for my soul to evolve and learn skills that I would not learn if I stayed in Memphis. And finally, it’s time to move on…letting go of the old to make space for the new.

Namaste y’all!!


4 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Alma, you will be missed here, but I’m sure you will thrive in Europe. Big hugs. Will you have time for coffee or lunch? Liz

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  2. My dear friend Alma, fortunately we keep learning and that keeps us alive. Sometimes we feel our roots shaking, but that movement makes us stronger and we hold the most important things with us (the things we love). Sometimes we realize that we are stronger than we think…I am sure, that one day you will say: “Thanks Good I keep moving, Thanks God I am still learning and my life didn’t fell into routine”

  3. Alma, you will be loved wherever you go, I loved your yoga classes and haven’t found one yet that I enjoyed as much as your class at Pike. Best of luck to you and your family.

  4. Beautiful! Exciting! Inspiring! Much gratitude that our paths and spirits shared this time together one on one…. Knowing you are just an email away… Following your life’s journey😃. Much love! Donna 🙏

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