Coming out of hibernation

I know, I know…I have been hibernating for the past 2 years…Not writing, not teaching, not giving Reiki (except to my family of course), it seemed at the beginning weird and unnatural. In Brussels, I had several chances to teach Yoga or meditation, but I decided no. Not the right time. I could feel it inside. “Now it’s the time to take care of your soul”…I heard a voice inside me.

Teaching, giving Reiki, being a Spiritual Director is wonderful and immensely fulfilling. At least it was for me. Observing my students transform and grow in so many ways has brought so much joy to my heart I can hardly explain. It has left me many times speechless. But if you don’t realise when you are giving more than you are able to (or you are aware of it but you still do it, as it was for me), then you forget about yourself completely. You get lost. Literally!

Moving to Belgium has been such a gift from the Universe…It allowed me to move away from what I had built in Memphis and draw my attention inward. If I had stayed in Memphis, it would have been much harder to quit everything, right? It is only when things become quiet that you really start listening within. And for two years, I listened within, focusing on me with love and care. It may seem selfish, but for me it was necessary. And actually it’s not selfish because only when we are grounded and balanced we can give the best of us. And I was not. Either of them.

So here I am, two years into this introversion, the Universe gives me another gift: moving to The Netherlands. Leaving Brussels is hard and painful. The few deep connections I have made seem lost, or at least distant. But this move is such a gift because I can move on, because it’s time to move on and do something. The Universe is now telling me: “It’s time to wake up, time to come out of hibernation”.

Don’t know how, or when, or what…and that’s ok. I just know that it’s time…


2 thoughts on “Coming out of hibernation

  1. Alma… incredibly happy to have a post from you . I’m glad to hear you have taken the time out for you!…will be looking forward to seeing more inspirational messages from you.still miss your Friday yoga class! ….Beth

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