The rainbow


(Picture taken on my way to Yoga on my bicycle a few weeks back) 

When people ask me where I am from, it’s really complicated for me…”Well, I am originally from Romania, but I grew up in Argentina, but I really don’t feel Romanian because I lived there only 5 years, but I am not Argentinean either, and I lived in many other countries but the longest I lived is in US, and I am also American, but not really…” And sometimes I get: ”But where were you born?” and I mumble…”Well, Spain…” And some other times: ”Where is your husband from?” hoping that it’s an easy answer like Romanian or Argentinean or even American, and I say…”Well, he’s from India!”

I love this song called “Unity” from Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus band. It says “My place, is the no place; my image is without face, my image is without face”.

I love these verses because I deeply feel identified. I am really from nowhere and from everywhere. I call this my blessing and my curse. I am an extreme case, but I feel that sometimes we put too many labels. I am a Yoga teacher, I am a business man, I am…But apart from that, we are so much more; we are our life story, we are our personality, we are our experiences, we are our genes. We are our heart, and we are our soul.

If we limit ourselves to be identified by labels, then in a way we limit our growth. But why? Who cares with what do we identify ourselves as long as we are happy?

Well, I believe that when we put labels on ourselves, we may tend to put labels on others too. And we will most probably connect with people that carry our labels. In a way, we are our friendships; we are our connections. Aren’t we? So we end up surrounded by people that ressemble us. And I think this is what limits our spiritual growth. We become enclosed in our box like reality.

Connections are what makes life meaningful. Connections of all colours make life worth living. At least for me. True connections go beyond labels. They say: “I see you in your totality, no matter your labels. I see you from my heart to your heart. I see your soul.” Can we open up a little more to embrace the entire rainbow? Maybe it’s not that hard…maybe it’s worth giving it a try…

“Unity is what I seek, Unity is what I speak, Unity is what I know, Unity is what I see”
Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus band, “Unity”

One thought on “The rainbow

  1. Me encantó tu texto!!! Cuánta verdad!!! Me imagino lo difícil que debe de ser para vos explicar tu origen, porque a mí me pasa cuando digo que soy argentina pero de origen italiano y tengo que ponerme a explicar toda la historia social de mi país 😔. Pero lo más importante es lo que sos y toda tu historia no hace más que enriquecer tu persona y ver las cosas de otra manera.

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