A lived life


(Picture taken in old Stockholm this past September)

This evening I went to a singing bowls class. But it was not only singing bowls that we listened to but an array of primal sounds that penetrated our bodies and invaded our souls…It was like going back in time, many lives back, to our primitive state.

As I left the place, my whole body was vibrating, but I noticed something else. I could hear the sounds around me very clearly, and I could differentiate one from another. (If you have seen the Twilight vampire movies, you know what I mean! ha! ha!). Quiet impressive, I told myself, a skill that we have forgotten: listening; and as I am writing this, I can hear the night insects singing, the fridge doing a subtle but yet distinct noise, and a plane just crossing the skies…wow…my senses are well awaken…

We go by life so much in our heads and so little in our bodies…I spent half of my life being a prisoner of my own thoughts. Then, after I discovered Yoga and meditation, I spent the other half in other realms, way above my head. (Quiet interesting considering how long I have been practicing Yoga)…But until I moved to Brussels, I can’t say that I lived in my body. It appeared that way, but I don’t think I was…(Maybe that’s why I needed to do so much Hatha Yoga, so that I can connect with my body).

Most of us have forgotten the art of living in our bodies. Simply living in the present moment. Listening is just one of our five senses. But what about our smell? Our eye sight? Our taste? What if we slow down and start paying attention to what we observe, what we eat, what we touch? Will our life be more colourful? More interesting? More fulfilling? I don’t know…maybe…maybe not…But one thing for sure, at least for me, it will be more of a lived life.



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