Purposeful work


Some people might think that life is about luck, and some people are lucky and other unlucky. To seem extent, I disagree with that.

For the majority of us, we have a little bit of everything in life. Moments of despair, times of faith, instants of happiness, and seconds of second thoughts. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we are not. Sometimes life flows like a river through us and sometimes we have to make life flow through us.

But what I have experienced in my life is that no matter how much luck you have, you have to work at it! You have to grab the occasion and do what’s necessary to keep it going.

The Universe presents you with lessons and opportunities all the time. You have to first notice them; that’s a big one! If you are constantly busy and hurried, or take things for granted, then there’s a chance you might not see them…But if you live in a more mindful and present way, more grateful way, you will notice them, I assure you. Second, give thanks. Without these situations, we would be stuck! Life is about growing, evolving, and embracing change. Life is about opening ourselves to the mystery of change. Life is change. Wether we like it or not. And third, face what you have to face, work what you have to work, wether is pleasant or difficult. Take responsibility and do the work. Not easy, and may be awfully challenging, but definitely worth it!

“Van Gogh consciously decided to train himself as an artist. He diligently studied instruction manuals and spent much time practicing. He taught himself the rudiment of perspective, anatomy, and colour….Van Gogh did nothing other than practise, practise, practise for an entire year.” Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam.


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