Until very recently, I hated the word “power”. It felt aggressive, violent, judgmental, big ego, fearful and destructive. I never liked it, and I told myself, I never will…until last week…

I was having a texting conversation with a good friend, and I told her that I preferred the word “inner strength” to “power”, and she replied… ”I love “power”, a total different energy rises in me…when I use that word. And I want to express like I’m spitting out the P!” And that made me think…A LOT!

In Jungian psychology, we all have a shadow, an unconscious aspect of our personality that we deny and repress in ourselves. Jung called it “the thing a person has no wish to be”. However, the shadow does not only contain negative aspects but also positive ones. They all relate to the belief system we grew up in and the unconscious values that were imprinted in us. So as the shadow is not known consciously, it has to come out and we project it onto others. This article gives a nice explanation about it…https://upliftconnect.com/using-projection/

As a child growing up in a communist country and in a patriarchy family, power was viewed and felt very oppressive and fearful. I associated power with that force that weakens the other. I felt small and vulnerable in front of that “power”. I had no voice. I had lost myself to that force…So I shoved that aspect of myself in my shadow and stayed there for a long time! Until recently…:))

I realised power can also be gentle, kind, and compassionate. Power can lead us to greater things and strength that we did not know we had. Inner power can give us the wisdom to create what we want in life. It’s our solar plexus, our sun, our light. But it must come from a place of humility and reverence to the grater power of the Universe (call it however you want to call it). We must surrender our egos so that our true self can shine.


“To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light.” Carl Jung


7 thoughts on “Power

  1. That was very nice and I can feel that you have become stronger and more in tune with yourself than ever. I feel the power you exude. I wish you were here to share some of it with us…Miss you!

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