The heart chakra

Some people live from their heads, while some foolish people, like me, live from their hearts. Left brainers are the majority, while right brainers, are the crazy ones! I am laughing, but actually, I am not…using our right brain is a forgotten skill unfortunately… The openness of my heart is a gift and a curse. … Continue reading

Dorito’s religion

Today I had an unexpected experience. My fridge has not been working for a week now and a technician came to replace the main board this evening. As we were talking, he asked me about my work. I told him that I am a yoga teacher and a Reiki master, “like hands on healing”. He … Continue reading


So many times in a day I use the word “healing”… I say it in my yoga classes, with my family, with close friends, with myself, and I wonder…what am I really talking about? do I really know the true meaning? When I hear the word healing with my conscious mind, it sounds easy, pleasurable, … Continue reading


Each day, each moment, each second, we have a choice, either to be open or closed. I am recently experiencing that at a very deep level, we DO have a choice. I liked to think that our history is written down for the most part (as my tendency has been to fall into the victim … Continue reading


I just recently watched the documentary of Marina Abramovic “The artist is present” and I have been immensely impressed by her and her work as a performance artist…There are no words to describe, you have to experience, so just watch the documentary and let me know your thoughts!! Her most famous work was in 2010 … Continue reading


We all search for meaning in life, wether consciously or unconsciously. When we are teenagers, we look to fit in because that will bring meaning to our existence. When we are young adults, we get married and raise kids because that is meaningful to us. But what happens after we have done all that…what are … Continue reading

Light and shadow

Yesterday I looked out my kitchen window to experience the most marvelous picture in the sky (see above)…I took a chair, planted it firmly in the middle of my backyard, and sat there, Dorito (my dog), on my lap (an ever present soul by my side), feeling the ecstasy of the moment. I knew it … Continue reading

The greatest gift

What more can I ask on my birthday… To be loved and love as much as I can…Words don’t mater, things don’t matter, just the knowing that I am loved far and beyond, knowing that my heart is open far and beyond… To speak my truth…whatever I do in life, do it from my soul, … Continue reading

There’s always work to be done

I have been in psychoanalysis for 5 or 6 years I think…I don’t count the time anymore because this is not a part time job for me, but a life time commitment to dig deeper and deeper into my soul. What more can I ask out of life if not knowing my truth, my inner … Continue reading

What is love?

“Keep your heart open and everything will fall into place” by me In todays world, I think we have the wrong idea about love. As teenagers, we dream of the perfect prince or princess that will save us from our ordinary life and lead us into eternal bliss. “happily ever after…”. Media makes fortunes on … Continue reading