“Alma Yoga”

I am a Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Director. I am “Alma Yoga”. For most of my life, I have been in the dark, not knowing at all who I was. I have followed a traditional path, studied, done a master degree, got married and had kids. Pretty standard, right? Just followed the … Continue reading

No more fears

For the longest time, I lived in fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of not pleasing people, fear of not being loved… All kinds of fears!! One day, I realized if I was going to follow that path, I would get really sick, both mentally and physically, since they go hand in hand. … Continue reading

The voice of the heart

As I was reading this weekend Mark Nepo “Book of Awakening”, I stumbled upon this paragraph… “This holds a powerful lesson: Time and time again, the head must be brought beneath the heart or the ego swells. If you do not bend, life will bend you. In this way, humility is accepting that your head … Continue reading


Sharing is healing, is moving forward, is putting the final touch to a cake that has been baked. Sharing is realizing our humanness, our connection to people, to the reality that we are all one and the same. We all feel the same feelings, we all share the same stories, we all live similar situations, … Continue reading

The courage to look within

Our outer life is very visible. We have a family, we go to basketball games, we cook dinner, and have time with friends. Our inner life is a different story…we feel sad, happy, hopeful, and resentful sometimes. The entire portfolio of emotions…The question is: do we have the courage to look at our inner life? … Continue reading

The heart chakra

Some people live from their heads, while some foolish people, like me, live from their hearts. Left brainers are the majority, while right brainers, are the crazy ones! I am laughing, but actually, I am not…using our right brain is a forgotten skill unfortunately… The openness of my heart is a gift and a curse. … Continue reading

Dorito’s religion

Today I had an unexpected experience. My fridge has not been working for a week now and a technician came to replace the main board this evening. As we were talking, he asked me about my work. I told him that I am a yoga teacher and a Reiki master, “like hands on healing”. He … Continue reading


So many times in a day I use the word “healing”… I say it in my yoga classes, with my family, with close friends, with myself, and I wonder…what am I really talking about? do I really know the true meaning? When I hear the word healing with my conscious mind, it sounds easy, pleasurable, … Continue reading


Each day, each moment, each second, we have a choice, either to be open or closed. I am recently experiencing that at a very deep level, we DO have a choice. I liked to think that our history is written down for the most part (as my tendency has been to fall into the victim … Continue reading


I just recently watched the documentary of Marina Abramovic “The artist is present” and I have been immensely impressed by her and her work as a performance artist…There are no words to describe, you have to experience, so just watch the documentary and let me know your thoughts!! Her most famous work was in 2010 … Continue reading