“Water is the driving force of all nature.” Leonardo da Vinci I went the other day fishing with my boys at a lake near our house. As the kids were busy trying to throw the fishing rod, I was sitting by the lake, admiring its beauty. The water…ahhhh, what a magical element… I feel the … Continue reading

The Gift

There are just a handful of gifts that really matter in the big scheme of things…When you receive such gifts, it feels such an honor and a blessing that sometimes it does not seem real. And I wonder why…why are we not more familiar with such gifts from the heart? Why are they so foreign … Continue reading

The busyness of being

I love sitting by the pool and let my imagination unwind, I love swinging in the backyard swing and allowing my unconscious to surface, I love walking my dog at sunset exploring the colors in the sky…I love doing not doing, because this is what keeps me balanced in the busyness of being. When it’s … Continue reading

The heart

When I think about the heart, what an amazing part of our body!…It gives us life, and it also takes it away in a heartbeat. The heart chakra (to be more precise, the center of our chest at the heart height) is the energy center that connects the lower chakras (more earthy) to the upper … Continue reading


There are just a handle of people throughout your life that remind you who you really are. Vlad is one. I will never forget the first day I met him. He was hunched sitting on a chair at St. Jude hospital waiting to be seen. He was in much pain. I came into the waiting … Continue reading

What a journey…

More than a year has passed since I started writing and posting on my blog. What a journey! What an experience! What a healing! I remember how scared I was to start something that I had never done before. Something new.  First, writing. I remember as a kid I hated writing…and I preferred math. Of … Continue reading

Peeling the layers

And just when I thought I had it figured out (hello ego, here you go again?!), I discover something new, something so deeply hidden inside my unconscious that is quiet a revelation… I have been doing introspective work for several years now…Yoga, meditation, psychoanalysis, dream interpretation…It’s hard work, effort, and a willingness to continue to … Continue reading

In silence

When I was meditating last week, this poem came to my mind. So, after a few days of thinking about sharing it, I decided to stop thinking and do it. My first one…, will there be more? I don’t know, but I will embrace them as they come into my consciousness. Enjoy! In silence, I … Continue reading


I have struggled with these questions my whole life, trying to find meaning, an answer, a light…”What is my geographical home?” “What is my spiritual home”?” “What is my HOME?” I am from Romania, and when I was 9 years old my family emigrated to Argentina (after spending some time in Austria and Switzerland). Since … Continue reading