For so many years my spirituality has been out there, big, glorious, extravagant at times. And as much as I feel this is true, my spirituality is also in here, inside my body, my breath, my every living cell. It is in the simple. It is in the now. It is in the mere act of living.

Moving to Belgium has been such a joy, despite the very stressful first few months. This experience is teaching me so much that it’s quiet hard to put in words. Nothing out of the ordinary is really happening (apart from traveling a lot which is amazing) but at the same time something extraordinary is evolving. I can feel it inside me…

People here are very straightforward, very honest. I like that. They live by the weather, because it changes all the time. One minute there is full sunshine, another minute it’s pouring! The sunny moments are scarce, so you’d better take advantage of them! Also temperature changes constantly, and it’s hardly warm, so once again, you’d better enjoy the moment because it passes by very fast!

Yoga classes are not about the poses or looks of them but about how we feel inside. They are focused on the meditation and breathing aspect of yoga. If we do 5 poses in an hour class is a lot! Yoga is about the inside, and not the outside. It’s about being fully in the body, with our breath, with our soul. And I thought I kind of practiced that, but surely not to the extent that I’m discovering here. Not even close…

Moving here is also teaching me about the impermanence of things. I thought I’d live in Memphis all my life, and boom! Change happens! And change will happen again, so I’m learning to be at peace with that. Becoming friend with “Not knowing” is a new skill that I’m acquiring. Slowly but surely.

My 90 years old yoga teacher tells me: “It’s about undoing, about practicing simplicity, about doing less and less and less. Everybody can do a lot, but not so many people can do less. That is much more difficult to do.”

Doing less, speaking less, thinking less, brings me back to my less…


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